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150 Day 
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In red = available

SGCH Sofia *M        
SGCH Harriet Duncan 2/16   confirmed bred
SGCH Brandywine 2*M Duncan 2/16 n/a Cham Doe - Retained
Cham Doe - DOA
SGCH Purple Rain 2*M Horny 2/22   confirmed bred 
CH  Queen Latifah Duncan 3/16    
CH Maya Madness 3/16    
Billie 08J 2/23   confirmed bred
Lucy Madness 4/17    
Emmy Haze 3/25    
Dove Madness 3/03   confirmed bred
Daysie Madness 5/03    
Reign Duncan 3/25    
Gertie ND ET 3/06   Carrying Nigerian Embryo Transfer kids
Nectar ND ET 3/06   Carrying Nigerian Embryo Transfer kids
Towelette Duncan 6/17    
Satin Madness 6/17    
Mama DNB      
River DNB      


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