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CH Buttin'Heads Polished Apple

(Pictured May, 2006)

(pictured May, 2005)

DOB:  03/17/02

Height:  19"

Bred 11/13/05 to Buttin'Heads MOH Rising Son
Due 04/07/06 (145 days)


Buttin'Heads Polska Kielbasea *S Buttin'Heads Sea Montster *S Buttin'Heads Montwhizuma *S
ARMCH Columbus Zoo Chelsie *D
ARMCH Buttin'Heads Sausage Bwhizcuit 3*D Heartwood Whiz Kid +S
Buttin'Heads Whole'Wheat Toast 2*D
ARMCH Buttin'Heads Wedding Song 3*D Creek Road Hudson +S MCH Willow Creek Instant Replay
Blue Creek Mattea
ARMCH Buttin'Heads Bryedal Veil 2*D Buttin'Heads Swhiz on Rye +*S
ARMCH Columbus Zoo Godiva *D

Show Wins






2004 NODGA (AGS) K. Smith BU   
2005 BADGA (ADGA) T. Ness RGCH Sr.
2005 BADGA (ADGA) L. Berry RGCH Sr. Restricted ADGA Leg (Leg 1)
2005 WRDGA (ADGA) J. Pfeiler RGCH Sr.
2005 ODGA (ADGA) K. Smith GCH Sr./BOB Unrestricted Leg (Leg 2)
2005 Best in NW 4-H (ADGA) A. Maze RGCH Sr.
2006 BADGA (ADGA) A. McKeever GCH Sr./BOB Unrestricted Leg (Leg 3)
2007 Wood Co. Fair (ADGA) L. Sieber-Synesael GCH Sr.  
2007 State Fair of WV (ADGA) A. McKeever GCH Sr./BU  
2007 Geauga Co. Fair (ADGA) Y. Blosser GCH Sr. AOP (D,S,T)

Linear Appraisal

06/02/05 EEVV 90


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