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Sue & Song     Cool Weather Grooming

SG Sugar Creek SS Sharp Shooter *S

DOB: 05/01/03
Height:  ~20"


Twin Creeks BW Storm Surge *S MCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch *S Twin Creeks Brave Heart +S
MCH Piddlin Acres Tiny Bubbles
MCH Twin Creeks BH Mariri's Zinnia 4*D Twin Creeks Brave Heart +S
Goodwood Zippy Mariri

Gay-Mor's gNat's Pageantry 4*D

Gay-Mor's LS gNat *S Gay-Mor JJU Larksong *S
Gay-Mor Kingpin's Lacewing
Gay-Mor's Lucky Novel Wish 3*D ARMCH Twin Creeks Luck of the Draw +S
ARMCH Gay-Mor GM Berry's Jurassic 2*S