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SGCH Buttin'Heads Harriet Tubman 2*M

Pictured July 2016

(Pictured September, 2011 and August, 2013)

(Pictured November, 2015 courtesy of Jay Bennett)

DOB:  04/19/2009


Buttin'Heads Harpo

SG White-Haven Tumnus +*B Tonka-Tails Viking Legend +*B 
GCH White-Haven Misty *M
SGCH Buttin'Heads Oprah SG Meadowsong Merlot Apollo *B
SG Buttin'Heads Calliope *M
SGCH Buttin'Heads On The Fast Track *M SGCH Cream-of-Kansas' It'sbout Time +B FDF-Pleasant-Fields Kannonball
CH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Clock
CH Buttin'Heads Moonlight Express CH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Choo Choo
CH Buttin'Heads Moonshine

Milk Record

Age Fresh








1-10 258 1408 46 3.3 37 2.6  
2-10 236 1595 56 3.5 43 2.7  
4-10 76 600 26 4.3 17 2.8  
6-10 283 2138 77 3.6 57 2.7  

Show Wins






2009 Kane Co. Fair T. Ness GCH Jr. Restricted Leg (Leg 1)
2009 NC State Fair J. Matthys GCH Jr. 35 Oberhasli juniors
2010 Farmer City Fair C. Kirwan GCH Jr.  
2010 Wood Co. Fair C. Adels GCH Jr./BIS Jr.  
2010 Geuaga Co. Fair M. Saal RGCH Jr.  
2010 Fulton Co. Fair T. Flickinger RGCH Jr.  
2010 NC Mtn. State Fair M. Butler GCH Jr. 36 Oberhasli juniors
2011 NEODGA J. Klein RGCH Sr.  
2011 Delaware Co. Fair K. Schnipke RGCH Sr.  
2012 WRDGA J. Lesniak GCH Sr./BOB Unrestricted Leg (Leg 2)
2012 WRDGA T. Biddle GCH Sr./BOB Unrestricted Leg (Leg 3)
2012 ADGA National Show E. Jodlowski/T. Considine 2nd 3 year old (and member of 1st place Produce of Dam)
2012 NC State Fair A. Thompson-Hajdik RGCH Sr.  
2013 NC Mountain State Fair T. Taylor GCH/BOB  
2013 TN Valley Fair J. Lucas BU  
2013 NC State Fair P. Snyder GCH Sr.  
2014 ADGA National Show M. Baden/J. Lohman-Peterson 2nd/2nd udder 5-6 year old (and member of 1st place Produce of Dam)
2015 Allen Co. Fair M. Casselman BOB/BU  
2015 TN Valley Fair E. Griner BOB/BU  
2015 Ashland County Fair K. Schnipke BOB  
2015 NAILE S. Bice GCH/BU  
2016 ADGA National Show S. Whiteside/J. Rowe 1st/1st udder 7 years and over, member of 3rd place Dairy Herd and Best 3 Senior Does
2016 State Fair of WV A. Weikel BOB/BU/BIS  
2016 NC Mountain State Fair A. Weikel BOB/BU/BIS/BUIS 40 Oberhasli senior does/183 senior does in show
2016 TN Valley Fair Y. Blosser BOB/BU  
2016 NAILE E. Cavanaugh RGCH Sr.  
2017 ADGA National Show L. Benedict/D. Noble 3rd/1st udder 7 years and over, Reserve Best Udder
2017 MD State Fair A. Thompson-Hajdik BOB  
2017 TN Valley Fair L. Benedict BOB/BU  

Linear Appraisal








08/06/2011 2-04 V V V V 88
09/03/2013 4-04 V E V V 89
05/26/2014 5-01 V E E E 90

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