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Nigerian Dwarf
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2021 Kiddings

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145 Day 
Due Date/Date Kidded

Kid Price

GCH Washi 3*M Dick 02/26 $2000  
GCH  Tipper 4*M Dick 04/09 $1400  
GCH Koi Danny 3/17 $1400  
Dragunera Dick 5/17 $1000  
Betty Danny 2/26 $1000  
Llareta Danny 5/17 $1000  
Crystal Dick 3/13 $900  
Nottie Dick 04/24 $800  
Mara Dick 04/23 $800  
Gryphon Dick 05/03 $800  
Artist DNB   N/A  
Baby Shark DNB   N/A  

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