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Sue & Song     Cool Weather Grooming

CH Buttin'Heads Moonlight Express

DOB: 03/24/04

Bred 10/14/07 to White-Haven Tumnus *B
Due to kid (150 days): 03/12/08


CH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Choo Choo FDF-Pleasant-Fields Alex *B Seneca Valley's Alexander ++*S
CH F.D.F.-Pleasant-Fields Kendra
CH One*Oak*Hill Sin Chalice Y-Knot Cayenne's Sinapore
One*Oak*Hill Private Chaos
CH Buttin'Heads Moonshine FDF-Pleasant-Fields Jack Dnls Tonka-Tails Jack of Hearts *B
Y-Knot Sorek's Vin Rose
GCH Buttin'Heads Clogger 6*M Buttin'Heads Paul Bunyon *B
Buttin'Heads Dirty Dancer 5*M