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Miniature Australian Shepherds

SGCH Buttin'Heads Sofia *M

(Pictured September, 2011)

(Pictured August, 2013)

DOB:  03/16/2008

Bred 10/30/2014 to Heaven's Hollow Major
Kidded 04/01/2015:
Chamoise buck - available
Black doe - DOA


SG White-Haven Tumnus +*B

Tonka-Tails Viking Legend +*B  SGCH Tonka-Tails Court Jester ++*B
SG Tonka-Tails Royal Shenanigans 2*M
GCH White-Haven Misty *M SGCH White-Haven Krescendo +*B
Ober-D'Rainbow TBSC Fauntasia
SGCH Buttin'Heads Oprah SG Meadowsong Merlot Apollo *B GCH Body-Shops AHM Merlot +*B
Konza-Kids Adonais Ariel 6*M
SG Buttin'Heads Calliope *M Lyme Kiln Sen-Val Calibrator +*B
Davis Swiss Bernice

Milk Record

Age Fresh








2-11 247 2147 68 3.2 52 2.4  
3-11 233 1898 61 3.2 43 2.3  
5-11 79 748 31 4.1 19 2.5 incomplete
7-11 246 1734 76 4.4 41 2.4  

Show Wins






2008 Lorain Co. Fair A. Weikel RGCH Jr.  
2008 Delaware Co. Fair K. Schnipke GCH Jr. Restricted Leg (Leg 1)
2009 ODGA M. Tredway-Carter RGCH Sr.  
2009 ODGA A. Carter GCH Sr./BOB Unrestricted Leg (Leg 2)
2009 Kane Co. Fair T. Ness RGCH Sr. Unrestricted Leg (Leg 3)
2010 Summit Co. Fair Y. Blosser BOB AOP
2010 Wood Co. Fair C. Adels BOB  
2010 Cuyahoga Co. Fair R. Grossman BOB  
2010 Lorain Co. Fair J. Huffman BOB  
2010 Fulton Co. Fair T. Flickinger GCH Sr.  
2010 Delaware Co. Fair C. Black-Montoya BOB  
2011 Cuyahoga Co. Fair C. Adels BOB/BIS 126 does
2011 State Fair of WV E. Cavanaugh BOB  
2011 TN Valley Fair J. Matthys BOB  
2011 Delaware Co. Fair K. Schnipke BOB  
2012 Summit County Fair T. Rash BOB  
2012 Cuyahoga Co Fair T. Rash BOB  
2012 Maryland State Fair R. Grossman GCH Sr.  
2013 Cuyahoga County Fair P. Snyder BOB  
2013 State Fair of WV J. Pilotte BOB/BU/BUIS  
2013 Maryland State Fair K. Fraley GCH Sr.  
2013 NC Mountain State Fair T. Taylor BU  
2013 TN Valley Fair J. Lucas BOB  
2015 Allen Co. Fair M. Casselman RGCH Sr.  
2016 ADGA National Show S. Whiteside/J. Rowe 4th/3rd udder 7 and over, member of 3rd place Dairy Herd and 1st place Dam  & Daughter with Loren

Linear Appraisal








08/06/2011 3-05 V E V E 90
09/03/2011 5-05 V E V E 90
05/26/2014 6-02 V E V E 90

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