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SGCH Buttin'Heads Shapinsay *M

pictured May, 2008

(Pictured September, 2011)

(Pictured September, 2011 - photos courtesy of Kim Miller)

Pictured July, 2012 by Steve Pope, ADGA National Show official photographer

(Pictured May, 2015 at 10!)

Pictured August 2015

DOB:  02/13/05

2011 LA Height: ~21.25 (stature score 26)

Bred 11/23/2014 and 12/16/2014 to Buttin'Heads Stapal Gun
Kidded 05/09/2015 with:
Black/Tan Buckskin Buck - died
Black/Cream Buckskin Doe - retained


SG Sugar Creek's SS Sharp Shooter Twin Creeks BW Storm Surge MCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch *S
Twin Creeks BH Mariri's Zinnia
Gay-Mor's Gnat's Pagentry Gay-Mor's LS Gnat
Gay-Nor's Lucky Novel Wish
ARMCH Buttin'Heads Son Bonnet 2*D Creek Road Hudson +S MCH Willow Creek Instant Replay
Blue Creek Mattea
ARMCH Columbus Zoo Godiva *D Pine Cone Valley Ginseng
Wright's Acres Nicomo

Milk Record

Age Fresh








6-01 231 697 44 6.3 32 4.6  
7-01 230 622 41 6.6 27 4.3  

Show Wins






2005 SEODGA (ADGA) K. Senn GCH Jr. Restricted ADGA Leg (Leg 1)
2005 Best In the NW (ADGA) A. Maze RGCH Jr.  
2008 SWODGA (ADGA) Y. Blosser GCH Sr. Unrestricted ADGA Leg (Leg 2)
2008 WRDGA T. Ness RGCH Sr.  
2008 WRDGA T. Harp GCH Sr. Unrestricted ADGA Leg (Leg 3)
2008 Lorain Co. Fair A. Weikel RGCH Sr.  
2008 NC State Fair W. Pearson RGCH Sr.  
2009 ODGA C. Adels GCH Sr.  
2009 Wood Co. Fair C. Adels BOB  
2009 Geauga Co. Fair Y. Blosser BOB  
2011 NEODGA C. Adels BOB  
2011 NEODGA J. Klein BOB  
2011 Cuyahoga Co. Fair C. Adels BOB  
2011 State Fair of WV E. Cavanaugh BOB  
2011 NC Mtn. State Fair K. Kimmel BOB  
2011 TN Valley Fair J. Mathys BU  
2011 Delaware Co. Fair K. Schnipke BOB/BIS 105 Senior Does
2011 NC State Fair E. Cavanaugh BOB  
2012 ADGA National Show T. Considine/L. Benedict Res Sr CH/Nat'l RGCH 1st/1st udder aged (7+) doe, Reserve Senior Champion and National Reserve Grand Champion (149 judged - 89 senior does), member of 1st place Dairy Herd and 1st place Best 3 Senior Does
2013 Cuyahoga County Fair P. Snyder GCH Sr.
2013 State Fair of WV J. Pilotte RGCH Sr.
2013 Maryland State Fair K. Fraley RGCH Sr.
2013 NC Mountain State Fair T. Taylor GCH Sr./BOB/BU
2013 TN Valley Fair J. Lucas GCH Sr./BU
2013 NC State Fair R. Saum GCH Sr.
2015 Tri-County DGB C. Neuman BOB/BIS
2015 Tri-County DGB J. Lohman-Petersen BOB
2015 Western PA DGA C. Adels BOB/BIS
2015 Western PA DGA J. Lucas BOB
2015 NEODGA T. Biddle BOB 34 senior does
2015 NEODGA J. Pfeiler BOB 33 senior does
2015 ODGA T. Flickinger BOB
2015 ODGA M. Casselman BOB
2015 Allen Co. Fair M. Casselman GCH Sr./BU/BIS
2015 TN Valley Fair E. Griner GCH Sr./BOB
2015 Ashland County Fair K. Schnipke BOB/BIS

Linear Appraisal








08/06/11 6-06 V V E E 89
09/03/13 8-06 V V E E 90


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