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Nigerian Dwarf
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2018 Kiddings

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145 Day 
Due Date/Date Kidded

Kid Price

SGCH Shapinsay *M   RETIRED n/a  
GCH Paperclip 2*M CH Pandemonium/Gunmetal





Black/Cream buckskin buck - sold


GCH Panache 3*M Gunmetal  04/22 n/a

2 Black/red buckskin does - retained
Black/Gold buckskin buck (sold)

GCH Washi 3*M Gunmetal 07/20 $1800  
GCH  Tipper 4*M Gunmetal 05/27 $1400

2-Black/Cream/White buckskin bucks - available

Laguna 3*M Gunmetal 6/15 $900

Black/Cream Buckskin doe - available

CH Koi Gunmetal 07/17 $1400  
Dragunera Gunmetal 08/05 $900  
Betty Gunmetal 05/19 $1000

2 - Black/Red/White buckskin bucks - one sold/one available

Llareta Gunmetal 07/02 $800

2 - Black/Red/White buckskin bucks - available

Sprite Gunmetal 06/12 n/a

3-Black/Tan/White buckskin bucks- dam raised Wethers to be

Livin' DNB      
Patty DNB      

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